One of the many websites I regularly read, partially to get material for this blog and partially to make sure I see all sides of each issue, is politico. com – a left-leaning, pro Democrat, anti-Trump site created by Washington Post alumni.

Here is a sampling of its featured article this morning:

Hillary rakes in millions for Biden — but he’s still far behind Trump

Biden’s outreach to Dems lags as Trump syncs up with GOP

Once again, Democrats are caught in the Trump Trap

Three articles sounding alarms about the 2020 presidential election at the same time?

That’s no coincidence.  That’s not a case of just going through the motions by showing an article which has a different spin on things.

That is concern.  And it is very well founded.

Joe Biden’s presumptive candidacy is a problem.  An extremely big problem. knows it.  And the Democrat power structure knows it as well as does.

I wonder what they might try to do about it.  And I wonder how soon it will happen.


  • Joseph Biden is not the presumptive candidate of any party.
    Joe is merely a place holder while the powers that be in the Democratic Party sort out who the real candidate is.
    Sometime in the fall Joe will have to withdraw for reasons of health or whatever.
    And that’s no malarkey.

  • Whomever replaces Biden is going to have a huge advantage with the shortened election season. Does anyone know the final possible date to put someones name on the ballots? My guess is the DNC will wait until the last possible moment to release who the nominee will be.

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