Tulsi Gabbard’s opening statement, in which she cites her military background?  Dead Silence from the audience.

Cory Booker starts his opening statement by mentioning Trump, and all of a sudden about 15 people start chanting “put him in jail”…as Booker basks in the glow of what his commentary supposedly has generated. You will never convince me that he did not work this routine out with those people beforehand.

35 minutes into the debate and two candidates – Joe Biden and Kamala Harris –  are being given almost all the time.

It’s amazing most of the others, who are getting little or no time, haven’t protested yet.

Time after time, when candidates cannot answer a question directly they claim that the question is a Republican talking point.  Julian Castro just informed us that open borders is a right wing talking point. Am I mistaken, or haven’t most Democrat candidates advocated for open borders?  This is a joke.

Joe Biden was just asked if his administration would follow the deportation policies of the Obama administration, in which he was Vice President. His answer? “Absolutely not”.  How can you possibly believe him?

Tulsi Gabbard joins several others in condemning the separation of parents and children at the borders. None of them mention that this took place during the Obama administration, when they didn’t have a bad word to say about it.

Did Joe Biden really say we should “cherry-pick” the best from other countries?  He’ll get reamed for that from the hard leftists running the Democrat show.

Jay Inslee, not to be out-lefted by the others, just said we could no longer allow a “White nationalist” to be in the White House, to enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Cory Booker just nailed Biden on the selective immigration comment…complete with use of the term “shithole countries”.

Booker is essentially telling Joe Biden that he doesn’t know what hes talking about when it comes to Booker’s record in Newark. He was directly insulting to Biden.  Biden was “Kamala Harrised” again.

Biden just nailed by Bill De Blasio as well.  It’s open season on Biden and he sounds weak and defensive.

Kamala Harris is  now  being asked  a question. It’s been something like a 1/2 an hour since she last said a word…and she nailed Biden also.

Tulsi Gabbard just claimed Kamala Harris, as California AG, was a disaster, who acted improperly.  Harris has NO answer to any of the specific charges leveled by Gabbard. Harris just got mega-murdered by Gabbard. I wonder if media will report this the way it came down.

Don Lemon, in his rich  tradition of taking personal opinions and stating them as facts, just started a question by asking “After the president’s racist tweets attacking  Baltimore and congressman Elijah Cummings…”.

I still have yet to hear anybody explain what, directly or indirectly, was racist about those tweets.   And I never will because nothing was. Don Lemon is a huge embarrassment to CNN, but Zucker & Co. either don’t know it or are afraid to do anything about it.

OK, enough for tonight.  To be continued tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Back…and I’ve corrected a lot of the inevitable typos you get from voice recognition.  Sorry about them.

The most notable moment I caught in the final part of the debate was New York Mayor Bill De Blasio – in what is pretty certain to be his swan song on the debate stage – smiling from ear to ear as he promised to “tax the hell out of the rich”.

Does this man ever even consider productivity as a means of raising revenue?  Because the only “solution” I ever hear from him is to treat the most productive people – the ones who create jobs – as the enemy and disincentivize them from doing so.

But – given the left fringe Democrats currently operate from, I didn’t hear a peep of disagreement from any of the others – which, you can bet, will be filed for future use by Donald Trump’s people.

Trump owes De Blasio a steak dinner for that comment.

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