Robert Frances O’Rourke had a big rally at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas yesterday…

…except it wasn’t such a big rally after all, as described in the following tweet written by Bloomberg’s Emily Kinery:

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Emma Kinery@EmmaKinery

Ok, I get the fact that this “mainly a commuter school”, so the campus didn’t have that many people there.

But who stopped students – and non-students, for that matter – from coming there to see a supposedly major presidential candidate?  Did they lock the gates and have bouncers there to remove all but 35 people?


When President Trump holds rallies in stadiums, does he only draw the folks who happen to be strolling by those stadiums at the time?

The fact is – at least as of now and always subject to change – “Beto” O’Rourke is yesterday’s news.  Media have moved on to Peter Buttigieg and Joe Biden.  And, without media pumping/promoting/pushing his candidacy, O’Rourke suddenly is not a mega-star on the cusp of greatness, he is just some former congressperson who lost a senate race and likes to flail his arms when he speaks.

Again, this can all change.  With an unprecedented 20 or so presidential candidates already in the mix, every day is a crap shoot.  But that’s how things are now.

Beto who?

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