With the exception of his characterization of Donald Trump’s “birther” position as racist (it is no such thing), Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry has written the single best description/explanation of Donald Trump, and his relationship with media, that I have ever seen.

Here is the beginning:

Are President Trump’s truculent attacks on the media both politically cynical and worrying for our democratic norms? Yes. Does Trump take significant liberties with the truth? Yes, of course. For crying out loud, the guy became a political fixture in the Republican Party by promoting the racist lie of birtherism.

At the same time, is there not something faintly ridiculous about the media’s sudden re-imagining of itself as the last bastion and redoubt of democracy in a time of advancing darkness? Absolutely.

Trump’s demonization of the media is a cynical political ploy. But this only raises the question of why this anti-media position should be politically advantageous? Why is journalism one of the least trusted professions among Americans, vying with Congress, prostitutes, and used car salesmen for the bottom of the rankings? Absolutely no self-reflection from the media has followed the election of Trump, only an orgy of self-righteousness and blame-shifting (Putin spread fake news! Or else it was Zuckerberg.).

President Trump is a motor-mouth, and he tends to speak in a strange, garbled way. He frequently lies. But that doesn’t mean everything he says is untrue. And yet, the media often interprets his comments literally so that they seem untrue and fantastical, even when reading them in context shows that what Trump means is something much less outrageous, or at least different.

Want more? Use the link above. ┬áIt’s worth every second of your time.

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  • Here is the best definition of the media in relation to President Trump I have read.

    The more people see of him, the more they like him. The usual pattern is: Trump says something perfectly sensible, the media lie about it, then voters find out the truth and like him more and the media less.
    Ann Coulter

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