Here, excerpted from an article at One America News (did you expect it to come from a major network?) is the latest news about allegations of ballot-dumping  – enough of it to turn at least two states, Wisconsin and Michigan, from President Trump to Joe Biden.

President Trump is pointing to the latest evidence of an illegal ballot-dump in Wisconsin. In a tweet Wednesday, the President said Democrat Joe Biden received a major dump of more than 143,000 ballots on the night after the election.

He noted, the illegal dump took place in the early morning hours on November 4 when Democrats realized they were losing in the state. The 2020 Trump campaign is now mounting a legal challenge to prevent the certification of fraudulent election results in Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, witnesses of voting fraud in Detroit, Michigan have come forward to detail alleged ballot dumps in favor of Biden. In a video testimony Wednesday, poll worker Kristina Karamo said she personally witnessed spoiled and invalid ballots being awarded to Biden.

Karamo, who worked at Detroit’s TCF Center, also said election officials did not review signatures on ballots. She added, suspicious batches of ballots were delivered to the TCF Center at night and all of them went to Biden.

Are these allegations true?  I don’t know.

Are they untrue?  I don’t know.

If they are true, does it mean similar tactics were used in other close states?  I don’t know.

Is this worthy of serious, timely investigation?  That I do know.  The answer is an emphatic “yes”.

If it turns out to be nothing and Joe Biden won the election fairly?  So be it. That’s how it works, end of story.

If it turns out to be something, however, and Joe Biden did not win the election fairly?  So be it.  Then results have to be revised accordingly.

I do not know why any person who believes in fair elections would want this any other way.

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