Last year, I wrote a number of blogs about the Awan Scandal – that is, the members of the Awan family who had access to dozens of congresspeople’s data files from the House IT network, and were being protected at all costs by the execrable Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) – who, at one point, threatened law enforcement with consequences if they took the computer of her key aid, Imran Awan, as evidence.

You can read some of the information I posted here.  And here.  And here.   And here.  And there is more as well.

The investigative reporter most responsible for staying on top of this major scandal – major if it had involved Republicans instead of Democrats, that is – has been Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak.

And now Mr. Rosiak has updated the information relating to Awan.  Here are a few excerpts from his extensive coverage:

In March 2017, FBI agents were tailing House of Representatives IT aides suspected of hacking Congress, and apprehended one at the airport trying to make a hasty exit to Pakistan. She refused to speak with them, and a search revealed that she was carrying an apparently illegal amount of cash.

The FBI allowed Hina Alvi, wife of Imran Awan, to board the plane anyway — then filed paperwork saying agents believed she had no intention of returning to the U.S.

The OIG alleged Imran Awan and his family members logged into servers of congressmen for whom they did not work, logged in using members’ personal usernames, covered their tracks, and continued to access data after they’d been fired.

Though the findings place the case squarely into the category of political cyber-crimes that have otherwise been high-profile priorities, the lead FBI agent assigned to the Awan case was a first-year agent, and not from one of the FBI’s big-guns divisions. The charges brought by prosecutors are so minor that Awan’s own lawyer speculated they could be a “placeholder” for future charges.

Server logs of government computers backed up the OIG’s findings. Yet six months after the initial charges, no additional counts have been brought, raising the question of whether the DOJ is seriously investigating the potential national security breach.

Is that a scandal?  A major one, with scary implications for the security of our country?  I’d certainly think so.

And, speaking of scary, what does that tell you about today’s FBI, and the motivations of at least some of the people running it?

Now:  when does Attorney General Jeff Sessions DO something about it?

How does this man spend his days?  Playing Minecraft on his grandchildren’s tablets?  Waldo is more visible than this loser.

Which leads to the next, obvious question:  when does Sessions’ boss, President Donald Trump do something about Sessions?

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