The 2020 March For Life will take place on Friday.

I make note of this because you will see almost nothing about it in any mainstream media.

Unlike the so-called “Women’s March”, which gets full coverage each year, the March For Life, which always draws huge crowds and major politicians, is virtually ignored.

Personally, I do not support an anti-abortion position. I support the legality of contraception up to and after conception, and I support legalized abortion until there is a beating heart and brain activity.  After that, I believe there is a child –  thus there should be significant limitations on whether or not an abortion can take place, related to the health of the mother.

But, regardless of my personal views, the fact remains that the March For Life is a major event…

…which, since it flies in the face of most mainstream media’s positions on abortion, is reported as minimally as possible – before, during and after the march takes place.

That is a disgrace.

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