My wife put on NBC’s Today Show this morning, and there was a report about the fact that will ferrell had backed out of a movie about Ronald Reagan and Alzheimer’s disease.

The premise (unmentioned in NBC’s report) was that Reagan developed Alzheimers in his second term of office (a historical fraud) and an intern was assigned to get him through it by convincing Reagan that he wasn’t really President, he was just filming a movie (a little like “My Favorite Year”, in which a jerky little gofer was assigned to keep a has-been movie star sober for the days before he would be on a live TV show).

Hysterically funny material, wouldn’t you say?

The NBC report told us that ferrell backed out after an outcry from “conservatives and members of the Reagan family”.

That’s it, folks.   Those damn conservatives, and the family of a conservative president, were the only obstacles to our being treated to this potential comic masterpiece.

I wonder if anyone at NBC News considered the possibility – remote though it might have seemed to them – that people other than political and familial conservatives would have a problem with this movie.

Did they consider asking if anyone on their staff knew of an Alzheimer’s sufferer, maybe had one in the family, and how that person felt about it.  Or did they just assume he/she would be laughing too hard about the idea of ridiculing someone with Alzheimer’s disease to answer the question?

There is no shortage of examples demonstrating how stunted, how biased, how obtuse media can be.  This is one of them.

I only wish it were the last.


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