I was watching one of the various cable news shows two days ago, and heard a Democrat panelist explaining away samantha bee’s ugly, disgusting comments about Ivanka Trump by telling us Donald Trump used the same language as bee did.

In other words, she was saying that Donald Trump’s use of the “P”-word was the same as samantha bee’s use of the “C”-word.

That is a 100% false equivalency.

From here on,  I will be using the actual words in question. So if this offends you, you’ve been forewarned.

Let’s start with the fact that Donald Trump used the word pussy in a private conversation that was taped without his knowledge. All of us use language in private that we would not use if speaking to the general public.

By contrast samantha bee was using that language on a television show.   She intentionally put her comments out for everyone to hear.

Now let’s talk about the usage itself.

While it is true that the words pussy and cunt are both low-class descriptions a female genitalia, they were used in completely different ways.

Donald Trump, in his comments about women letting him grab their pussies, referred  specifically, and exclusively, to the body part itself. It was not a commentary on the women.

But when samantha bee called Ivanka Trump a cunt,  She was not referring to that specific part of her body.   She was defining  Ivanka Trump as a cunt.  In that usage, cunt is a pejorative,  meaning the worst possible kind of woman.   It is what you call a woman you have absolutely no respect for.

As is completely obvious, therefore the use of these two words was completely different. Not equivalent in any way.

This, of course, will not stop Trump haters and samantha bee defenders from pretending otherwise.

But we know better, don’t we?  Anyway. I hope so.

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