Even Captain Renault would have blushed.

Excerpted from Aaron Short and Carl Campanile\’s article in today\’s New York Post:

Thefounder of a law firm that paid Silver millions over a dozen yearsfor doing virtually no work gave the disgraced Assembly speaker hiswalking ­papers Wednesday.

Wewere shocked to learn about the allegations against him ofimpropriety in the referral of cases to our firm. We have asked Mr.Silver to take a leave of absence until these allegations areresolved,” said Perry Weitz, founder and president of Weitz &Luxenberg.

Funny, isn\’t it, how quickly your close professional associates head for the hills when you are accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes — even close professional associates who shtupped you with millions of their own dollars for, if the article is correct, doing next to nothing to earn it.

And funny, isn\’t it, how shocked they are that a man who spent 21 years presiding over the chronically ethics-challenged New York State Assembly might have an ethical problem or two of his own.

There is an oft-repeated movie line we\’ve all heard many times in many forms:  “If I go down I\’m taking the rest of you with me”.  I suggest those professional associates take a few moments from their state of shock to think long and hard about what it means.

And I suggest that the Governor who shut down the ethics committee he himself formed, as it gathered information on Sheldon Silver, should be doing the same.

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