If you think the title of this blog is some kind of sick joke, you’re right.  But I’m not the one making the sick joke.

That was the demand of a Black Lives Matter “protest” in Washington D.C. this weekend, in which the left wing robot lunatics – mostly White from the looks of it – invaded a Target store in Washington D.C. and changed that Target

These geniuses first marched through the mall where this Target was located, chanting “Free the people, fight the power, fuck the police”.

Then they went into the Target and, led by someone who recited what he wanted them to say, which they then repeated like deranged, indoctrinated sheep, chanted

“We are here tonight (three times) because while you are shopping (two times) Black people are dying (two times) we are here tonight, to tell Target (three times), to stop using the police (three times) and trying to go after Black and Brown people (two times), who are also working in your institutions (two times), something about your institutions (a little garbled), to stop calling the police on Black people, because until then, we will call a boycott on Target, because Black people have the right to feel safe (twice), because Black lives matter (twice).  You don’t get to have a business, you don’t get to do business,  in Black communities, when you’re so quick to call the police on Black people living around this neighborhood…………………..

OK, enough.  if you want the rest, watch the video

A few questions for you:  You just read, and maybe saw the video of, “protesters” invading a store, cursing out the police and screaming out threats against Target for “calling the police on Black people” – not all Black people, of course, since much of the store’s workforce is Black but, presumably, Black people doing something to call the police about.

Do you think this does anything positive for racial relations?  Or do you think it hardens racial animosity on both sides?  Do you think decent Black people feel safer when stores such as Target are threatened for calling the police on Black lawbreakers?

And while I’m asking questions, here’s another one .  Can you name any major Democrat who has said a negative word about “protests” like this, whether a store invasion, the toppling of statues, the defacing of property or the taking-over of streets by Black Lives Matter radicals and anarchists?

Let’s see your list.  Take your time trying to put one together, though; it won’t be easy.

One final question:  do you think this is going to be a factor on election day?

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