With a major tip of my imaginary hat to Nicholas Fondacaro of Newsbusters.org

…here is an exchange, from yesterday’s edition of ABC News “This Week”, between Martha Raddatz’ and her guest, Kellyanne Conway:

KELLYANNE CONWAY: On (the Roy Moore allegations), you’re talking about decades-long conduct. Allegations in the press. And we, already in this conversation, have probably spent more time talking about Roy Moore and this than we have talked about a Democratic United States senator who’s sitting in a federal courthouse as a criminal defendant in a trial. Has been indicted on some serious criminal counts and we can’t get coverage on it.

MARTHA RADDATZ: We’ll be talking about that. We’ll be talking about that.

OK, fair enough.  Ms. Raddatz says they’ll be talking about that.

But here’s the entire “talking about that” segment – which occurred while Ms. Raddats was interviewing Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez:

MARTHA RADDATZ:  “I’m going to quickly say: Corruption charges, the trial of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. If he’s found guilty, should he resign immediately?”

Tom Perez:   “We’ll wait and see what happens. The jury has not spoken yet…the jury has not spoken yet so I don’t like to answer what if questions.”

There is the Martha Raddatz definition of “talking about that”.  A 16 second exchange, just before a commercial break, and then on to other news.

And then we have this, also from Mr. Fondacaro’s article:

According to a Media Research Center study comparing the coverage of Moore and Menendez, between their morning and evening newscasts, ABC had spent only one minute and 48 seconds on the Menendez corruption trial since it began on September 9 to November 10. Meanwhile, they spent nine minutes and 48 seconds on the Moore story in the 24 hours after the news broke.

And none of the network Sunday morning shows on November 12 thought to give the trial any time at all, even though the jury was deliberating.

I can end this blog by drawing conclusions for you, about why people trust mainstream media less and less, and how lopsided coverage is depending on which side of the aisle is being covered…

…but I sort of assume you already have drawn your own.

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