Stormy Daniels as Velma Kelly

Poor stormy.

You were media’s Golden Girl for a for a couple of months. You and your steroidally obnoxious lawyer,  lawyer, michael avenatti.

But now?

Now a new Golden Girl has taken your place. omarosa manigault newman.

And like Velma Kelly in the show Chicago, you are playing second fiddle to omarosa’s Roxy Hart.

Yesterday you were big news. Now you’re relegated to Nobodygivesadamnville.  Back to being an aging porn star who, because of your fleeting fame, continues to be overpaid when you strip in seedy clubs.  But, you must know, this too will soon drop back down to where it used to be.

Well, if it’s any compensation, please remember that the same thing is going to happen to omarosa not so long from now.

Have a nice day.


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