Is Hillary Clinton still worried about Bernie Sanders?

Here is your answer, excerpted from Nikki Schwab’s article for London’s Daily Mail:

Today Hillary Clinton changed her schedule for the week, canceling an event Thursday in New Jersey and announcing a California swing that would last through the eve of the state’s delegate-rich primary.

Once considered an easy win for Clinton, California looks ripe for an embarrassment with rival Bernie Sanders gaining ground in the polls – with a survey out last week by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California showing Clinton up by just two points, within the poll’s margin of error.

The former secretary of state doesn’t need to win the Golden State to clinch the Democratic nomination. In fact, she’ll likely officially have enough delegates before California’s polls close on the 7th. 

But optics count in politics and to lose such a big state at the end of the primary calendar could leave her hobbling, not strutting, into the Democratic National Convention in July. 

How would it look if Hillary Clinton “won” the Democrat nomination for President on the day that she lost the biggest state in the country to her rival – a rival who has won just about as many states as she has?

How would it look if she won only because the Democrat National Committee, run by Clinton operative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (co-chair of her 2008 presidential run) stacked the deck with Clinton-supporting superdelegates, not answerable to the voters?

There will be no problem finding out.  Because it is what will be happening June 7th, if Ms. Clinton loses California…which, pretty obviously, is a genuine likelihood.

That would be a truly ugly “win”.  And the “win” would be by a candidate unwanted by a large segment of her party…

…which is one of the only things she has in common with Donald Trump.

The only good thing about the 2016 election is that, either way, it rids us of Barack Obama.

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