St. Olaf College is a pathetic joke that disgraces its students and demeans the value of a college education.

Strong words?  Read this account of what happened when Ben Shapiro, a (gasp!!!) political conservative, not to mention observant Jew, was booked to speak there.

I’m not going to put up one word of Scott Johnson’s article on this subject, because you might then stop at the abbreviated version.  I don’t want you to do that.

I pity every student there, including Kathryn Hinderaker, daughter of Scott’s colleague, John Hinderaker, who has the misfortune to be a student there.


  • Crazy American Colleges!

    San Diego State University is offering a course dedicated exclusively to the topic of removing Donald Trump from office.
    **UPDATE** SDSU impeachment course no longer explicitly referencing Trump
    Following public backlash, San Diego State has tweaked the name of a course that it claims was never about removing President Trump from office.

    College Men’s Center to focus on ‘reconstructing masculinity’
    The Men’s Center at the University of Oregon recently overhauled its mission and is now dedicated to “reconstructing masculinity” on campus.

    One UCLA student became so enraged after sighting a free-speech ball on campus that he stabbed it before departing the scene.

    Pamphlets distributed by an Antifa group at Texas State University labeled conservative students “fascists” and equated them with white supremacists.

    Rutgers paper blames Florida shooting on ‘toxic masculinity’
    “Toxic masculinity” is to blame for America’s mass-shootings, according to an op-ed published by The Daily Targum.

  • Political scientists rank Trump last in ‘presidential greatness’
    A new survey of 170 political scientists ranks Donald Trump dead-last when it comes to “presidential greatness.”
    So Trump is worse than the ones that owned Slaves? Worse than the guy that used NUKES? The President that Locked up the Japanese? Worse than Nixon?

    Texas students launch ‘No Whites Allowed’ magazine
    A group of students at the University of Texas, San Antonio plans to start publishing a “No Whites Allowed” (NWA) magazine.

    Librarians warn ‘Christian fragility’ causes microaggressions
    Librarians at Simmons College are warning Christian students that “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and “God bless you” are microaggressions.

    New scholarship to hand out $20 million to DACA students
    Southern New Hampshire University is collaborating on a program that will provide $20 million in scholarships to illegal immigrant students.

  • VIDEO: Protesters try to kick Campus Reform out of protest
    Pro-union demonstrators protesting a speech by Mark Mix took violent objection to Campus Reform’s attempts to learn more about their grievances.

    Prof accuses conservative students of being funded by Russia
    A biology professor at the University of Houston, Clear Lake told a conservative student group that they are “probably receiving Russian funding.”

    Microaggressions can be ‘lethal,’ profs tell Berkeley students
    A UCLA professor told students at UC-Berkeley Wednesday that “racial microaggressions” can be “lethal” because they lead to “racial battle fatigue.”

    Brown course claims ‘whitelash’ led to Trump’s election
    Brown University will offer a course on the “whitelash” that supposedly caused President Trump’s election as part of a program for high-schoolers.

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