I pulled this transcript of an exchange on today’s edition of The View, from Kristine Marsh’s article at newsbusters.org.

Please take a look, and see if you can top its combination of ignorance and revision of history:

SARA HAINES: Does he think the media has a meeting every week, where we all sit together like the babysitter’s club? Do you know how big media is yet they get mad when we say all conservatives or all democrats?

JEDEDIAH BILA: What they look at is the majority of coverage on things and they feel–

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Except they couldn’t haVE done that. Because had they looked at the majority of coverage they would have seen that the present guy — the new guy that’s in the White House got more coverage than anybody ever got.

BILA: He got bad coverage.

JOY BEHAR: No he didn’t!

WHOOPI: No, no-

BEHAR: No he did not!

WHOOPI: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Did you see the–

BILA: He got a lot of bad coverage.

WHOOPI: I’m sorry baby but–

BILA: He deserved a lot of it because it was from his own actions but–

WHOOPI: He didn’t get a lot of bad coverage. The bad coverage that he got–

BEHAR: Exposure. He got a lot of exposure.

BILA: He got a lot of exposure. That’s true.

HAINES: He didn’t have to pay the Russians for the Facebook ads.

WHOOPI: When the president — when the guy that runs CBS says hey bad for the country but great for us. He meant that. He meant that. He was on CBS, ABC, NBC, L-M-N-O-P. It was round the clock coverage 24/7 on this man. The only time it started to get a little murky is when the coochy bleep ] grab. That’s when it started getting bad. Up until then it was 24/7 D.T. the whole time. That’s what I’m talking about.

You read through that, er, stuff, you can almost physically feel your cerebrum rotting.

Yes, Trump got lots and lots of coverage.  But I challenge Goldberg (Karyn Johnson, actually) or Behar or anyone else there to show me where it was positive.

In point of fact, the preponderance of mainstream media spent the last two years derisively laughing at Donald Trump or derisively attacking him.

We can argue over whether or not Trump deserved  such of coverage.  As regular readers should know, in my opinion he deserved a ton of it.  But claiming he didn’t get it at all?

This bunch is either ignorant, lying, or both.

Help me out here:  which one is the good choice?


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