How much do you have to hate Israel to do this?

Cape Town South Africa, in the midst of a major drought, is running out of water.

The people there have been rationed down to 50 liters (about 13 gallons) a day.  And there are no provisions or procedures in place to do a thing about it.


Here is your answer, via excerpts from Howard Feldman’s article for, dated February 18, 2016.  Please pay special attention to the part I have put in bold print:

Amidst one of the worst droughts in Southern Africa’s living memory, a water conference was to be hosted by the Mail & Guardian Africa. On the list of delegates was Israel’s Ambassador to South Africa, Arthur Lenk. During his assignment to the country, Lenk has spent considerable effort in educating and assisting the region whenever possible.

As a result of Israel’s participation, as well as the entrance fee, another delegate Prof Lorenzo Fioramonti of the University of Pretoria withdrew his participation. And although the conference was still set to go ahead, it has subsequently been canned. .

Radio Islam in South Africa celebrated the announcement by interviewing a Prof Patrick Bond who stuck very closely to the hater’s handbook. Apparently what Israel has achieved with in this area can be done by any child and all the Israel has done is practice “Water Apartheid” and steal Palestinian water. That is hardly an achievement at all. He spoke with authority and played to his interviewer who had as much interest in the plight of the local Africans as did the Professor. His narrative dripped with hatred and the thin veneer of pretence of academic objectivity did little to mask his agenda. A lesson that the Prof might learn is that just by conceding something positive about Israel’s achievement, would have made the rest of his fiction more believable. He of course made no mention of desalination or the fact that Israeli cities recycle around 85% of their water. Nor did he mention any other achievement in Israel that has changed the ecology of the country for the better.

The fact that Southern Africa is experiencing one of the worst droughts in living memory, and that the situation is critical is not a concern for those who hate Israel. And this comes as no shock to those familiar with BDS standard operating procedure. What does, is the celebration and joy of the BDS at the cancellation of a conference designed for one purpose in might. To assist the suffering of the African people. And if that doesn’t send a message, then I don’t know what does.

Simply stated, Israel is the world leader in desalinization technology.  A city that desperately needed such technology refused to avail itself of it because the answer to their problem came from (gasp!!!) Israel.

Hey, a boycott is a boycott. Right?

I hope the residents who don’t flee Cape Town are happy with this decision…the ones who survive, that is.


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