Here is the beginning of John Solomon’s devastating piece on collusion with foreign nationals to affect the 2016 election.

(Note:  By “collusion” I mean REAL collusion with foreign nationals, with actual EVIDENCE):

Hundreds of pages of previously unreported emails and memos provide the clearest evidence yet that a research firm, hired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to find dirt on and defeat Donald Trump, worked early and often with the FBI, a Department of Justice (DOJ) official and the intelligence community during the 2016 presidential election and the early days of Trump’s presidency.

Fusion GPS’s work and its involvement with several FBI officials have been well reported.

But a close review of these new documents shows just how closely Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, who reported to Obama-era Deputy AG Sally Yates, maintained contact with Fusion — and, in particular, its primary source, former British spy Christopher Steele — before, during and after the election.

Yates was fired by President Trump over an unrelated political dispute. Ohr was demoted recently.

Ohr’s own notes, emails and text messages show he communicated extensively with Steele and with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson. Those documents have been turned over in recent weeks to investigative bodies in Congress and the DOJ, but not reviewed outside the investigative ranks until now.

They show Ohr had contact with Steele in the days just before the FBI opened its Trump-Russia probe in summer 2016, and then engaged Steele as a “confidential human source” (CHS) assisting in that probe.

They also confirm that Ohr later became a critical conduit of continuing information from Steele after the FBI ended the Brit’s role as an informant.

A British national, drawing on Russian nationals, to put together the unverified bilge that was then used to launch mueller’s” investigation”.

Isn’t this ground zero of what mueller and his Democrat-stacked staff should be investigating?

But they aren’t, are they?  In point of fact, mueller won’t touch this with a ten foot pole,

And mainstream media –  which should have been reporting about, and howling at the top of its collective lungs about this scandal, won’t touch it either.

Why?  I suspect it is because they would look so bad finally admitting that they looked the other way on behalf of Hillary Clinton/in order to “get Donald Trump that they’re in too deep to go back.

That said, however, wouldn’t it be something if just one of them – one significant, can’t-be-ignored media personality who, until now, was complicit in this cover-up, finally could not take it any more and went public with a heartfelt apology and an honest appraisal of what he/she ignored for the past 1-2 years?

I wonder how many others – if any – would be shamed into following suit.

I sure would love to find out.

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