Do you remember that, during the Obama years, a tidal wave of “unaccompanied children” showed up at the border (Where were the parents?  Were they truly unaccompanied)…

…were taken in. “processed” (Whatever that means)…

…and then transported to “relatives” around the country (How do we know they were relatives?  How did they find all these relatives? What happened to them afterwards?)

Another question:  Do you recall mainstream media having any problem with this?

And while we’re at it:  Do you recall mainstream media ever talking about why people were coming here, in terms of what was wrong with the countries they left – most predominantly, Mexico?

Or why Mexico, with its strictly enforced border laws, allowed people to cross into the country…as long as they were going to be heading north and breaking our laws by streaming over the US border?

Is this is a wave of immigration?  Or is it an assault on our country, facilitated by Democrats and aided/abetted by our so-called media?

To me, all of these questions are worth thinking about.

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  • Ken, how many people do you know [in real life] that follow politics as much as you do?
    Unfortunately the only people who know the reality are people that pay as much attention as you or I. So that is a tiny % of voters.

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