Are you aware that Rep. ilhan omar (D-MN) trivialized the 9/11/2001 attack on our country, by radical Islam, which left 3,000 dead and all of us terrorized, as “some people did something”?

That’s it?  “Some people did something”.  That’s like saying that the Syrian civil war, with casualties approaching 500,000, is “two factions disagreeing with each other”.

Here is omar saying it, and a youtuber’s opinion of her comment, which was tweeted by President Trump.

I won’t ask you if you think ilhan omar’s brushoff of 9/11 is acceptable.  I’ll assume you have a head and a heart.

But I will ask if you think President Trump was right to have tweeted this video.  You decide:



Incidentally, CAIR, created by a terrorist organization (the Muslim Brotherhood), was founded in 1994, seven years before the 9/11 attack.

ilhan omar, hate-filled ignoramus that she is, didn’t even get that right.

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