…to get a blood/urine test before next week’s physical exam.

I show up about 15 minutes before the lab opens, because I need to be back home quickly and want to get in and out as soon as possible.

There are maybe a half dozen cars parked at the lab, but no one at the door.

I get out of my car and go to the door.  I’m first on line, right?

Before you answer, be advised that all of a sudden people are coming out of their cars,heading toward me.  And several make it clear they are angry.

Several of them:  “We were here before you.”. “We’re ahead of you”

Me: “A line forms at the door”

Now one particularly boorish loudmouth decides to shine the spotlight on himself:  (Us being ahead of you even though we didn’t get on the line:) “That’s the way it works” (evidently, he is the lab’s director of protocol), followed by “You’re rude, that’s what you are.” (my walking to the entrance door and standing there is some kind of grievous, inexcusable insult).

A women with two small children chimes in: .”You’re going to walk in front of my kids?” (again: I didn’t walk in front of anyone, I walked to the door.)

Please note that, at no time, did any of these people ask me to allow them to go ahead. There was nothing but rudeness and anger.

And the ironic part – which I would have told anyone who asked, but no one did – is that I was a walk-in.  Every one of them with a scheduled appointment (which, it seemed pretty clear, was all of them) was going to be taken ahead of me regardless of where I stood in line.

At that point, on the theory that, in the great scheme of things, this was not worth having a fight over, I extended my hand, said “You all want to go ahead with me, you got it”, and walked to the back of the line… noting the look of triumph on boorish loudmouth’s face.

If this is a “win” for him, he’s welcome to it.

Okay, now back to politics,  where there is never a shortage of boorish loudmouths, walk-in or otherwise.

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