…it might strike you as odd that they have been singularly uninterested in christine blasey ford’s years at Holton-Arms school…

…especially since the school’s yearbooks for those years (1982, 1983 and 1984) have been scrubbed from internet existence.

Now why would anyone do that?

Well, your answer may be found in this article, from   Please click the link and read every word.

Then wonder, along with me, why the fact that Holton-Arms was a major-league party school and its yearbooks not only described the drinking and debauchery going on there, but celebrated it, was of no interest to our intrepid media.

Would it – should it – have been of interest that, though not said in so many words, little Chrissy Blasey (as she was known then) was pretty clearly right in the middle of that scene.

Does that not raise the prospect that, while something very well may have happened to her at the hands of a teenage boy, there were plenty to choose from….and, today, as an anti-Trump activist (another little something media don’t talk about) fingering Brett Kavanaugh would be a great idea?

I do not know any of this is true.

But, damn it, I do not know any of it is not true either.  And this scenario, especially in view of what those yearbooks depict, is entirely plausible.

So how come none of this is of interest to our media?

We both know the answer good and well, don’t we.

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