“Die kalleh is tsu shayn”  

The above is a Yiddish expression, meaning “the bride is too pretty”.  It is a sarcasm, used to describe the mouthings of someone who can find a negative in anything, no matter how positive it is.

Which leads us straight to CNN and its coverage of

President Trump.

CNN, to its credit I suppose, did not join NBC by attacking President Trump for not visiting troops during Christmastime – a story which turned out to be untrue.

But, CNN being CNN, it did find a way to attack President Trump for what he did while visiting troops during Christmastime.

See, a number of the troops there had MAGA hats and asked him to sign them, which he did.  This, apparently outraged the CNN crowd.

From Amber Athey’s article at

CNN noticed that some of the troops carried “Make America Great Again” hats and asked the president to sign them. CNN repeatedly suggested on Twitter and on air that the troops had violated military rules by having the hats.

“Troops bringing President Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ hats to sign may have violated a military rule,” CNN tweeted Thursday.

CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta asked Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr and former Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on air if, in fact, the troops erred by having the hats and a “Trump 2020” sign.

“Troops bringing President Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ hats to sign may have violated a military rule,” CNN tweeted Thursday.

CNN contributor John Kirby told viewers that “It is in fact a campaign slogan, it is a campaign item, and it’s completely inappropriate for them to do this.  Not supposed to do this and I’m sure that their boss is seeing this and they’re not gonna be happy about it.”

Starr agreed, stating, “This is very much against military policy and regulation.”

And, not to be outdone, CNN’s Josh Campbell accused President Trump of using troops as “political pawns”.

Ok, let’s think about this.

The first thing to do is remind ourselves that what President Trump did was sign some MAGA hats for troops who asked him to do so.

That’s it.  He didn’t ask them to join a Trump Club or wear “Trump 2020” gear, he agreed to sign their hats.

But is the signing of hats, in and of itself, an issue?  Is this bunch of CNNers correct?  Well, let’s look at the actual guidelines, presented in Q & A form, which you can read by clicking here – specifically, let’s look at how a political campaign is defined (in Q. 4):

According to DoD policy, a political campaign or  election begins when a candidate, including an incumbent officeholder, makes a formal announcement to seek political office or when an individual files for candidacy with the Federal Election Commission or equivalent regulatory office. Once initiated, a political campaign or election does not end until one week after the conclusion of the relevant election.

Hmmm.  Did the presidential election end more than a week ago?  Uh….yes.  It did.   So signing those hats could not have violated the rules pertaining to a campaign, could they?

But what about signing what used to be political gear?  Isn’t that engaging in some kind of political activity?

Well, here are the actual guidelines.  I went through them one by one – and hope you do too.  See if you can find a thing that specifies, or even suggests, that signing a MAGA hat would be any problem at all.

You can’t, can you?

The bottom line?  CNN couldn’t nail Trump for visiting the troops on Christmas, so it invented a reason to nail him for what he did while he was there.

Put another way, business as usual at CNN.

I started this blog with a Yiddish expression, I’ll end with one too:

“Az mir vill schlugen a hunt, gifintmin a schtecken” 

This means “if you want to beat a dog, you find a stick” – in other words, if you want to nail someone bad enough, you’ll actively seek out a way to do it.

Are there reasons – legitimate ones – to criticize President Trump?  You bet there are, and plenty of them.

But CNN, along with a great many other media venues, are not satisfied with the legitimate issues they can attack Trump for.  They are constantly seeking out that stick to beat him for everything he does under any and all circumstances – even if it means being petty enough to whine about him signing some hats for troops during the Christmas season.

How pathetic.

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  • CNN contributor John Kirby told viewers that “… and I’m sure that their boss is seeing this and they’re not gonna be happy about it.”

    The President is also known as The Commander and Chief. So their boss is President Trump.

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