According to the latest news, Israel ‘s Netanyahu government will be banning Rep. ilhan omar (D-MN) and Rep. rashida tlaib (D-MI) from entering Israel.   The reason appears to be omar and tlaib’s overt hatred of Israel, and their avid support of the boycott/divest/sanction (BDS) movement against the Jewish State.

In my opinion this is a big mistake.

Yes, it is true that these two are Israel haters of the first order.  And yes, it is true that the purpose of their visit is almost certainly to propagandize against the Jewish state.

But disallowing them entry is an even greater propaganda coup for omar and tlaib, who now become discriminated-against, aggrieved parties, censored from seeing things for themselves – presumably because what they would see is embarrassing to Israel.

How does that work for the country?  For Netanyahu?

So while I certainly appreciate the sentiment,  and the emotional component, I very much wish this ban was not happening.

Prime Minister Netanyahu:  please reconsider.


  • Israel unlike the US doesn’t allow entry to its enemies, it has that policy for a long time now. Just because they are citizens of the US doesn’t give them any special waiver from that policy.

    • I agree with your point. But the optics are terrible. Disgusting though they may be, these are both members of the House of Representatives.

      Yes, it is true that other countries do the same. For example, Michael savage is,to this day, banned from entering the United Kingdom.
      But just as that makes the UK look bad, so does it make Israel look bad to ban omar and tlaib.

      • Gratitude has not been a
        characteristic of Israel’s enemies.
        Look at the withdrawal from Gaza : Israel turns over the entire Gaza strip – which becomes a base to launch artillery and assassination attacks on Israel.
        Do you really think giving a propaganda platform to these two vile people will advance the cause of peace ?

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