Two Democrat Presidential candidates (so far), Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Kamala Harris, are supporting reparations to Black people in the United States.  According to Astead W. Herndon’s article in the New York Times:

From the very first day of the 2020 presidential race, when Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts blamed “generations of discrimination” for black families earning far less than white households, Democratic hopefuls have broadly emphasized racial justice and closing the wealth gap in their policy platforms.

Last week, on the popular radio show “The Breakfast Club,” Senator Kamala Harris of California agreed with a host’s suggestion that government reparations for black Americans were necessary to address the legacies of slavery and discrimination. Ms. Harris later affirmed that support in a statement to The New York Times.

Ms. Warren also said she supported reparations for black Americans impacted by slavery — a policy that experts say could cost several trillion dollars, and one that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and many top Democrats have not supported.

For this blog, I’m going to avoid the overwhelming number of issues involved with paying such reparations (e.g. do all Black people get them, even Blacks who proactively came to this country after slavery ended, what about mixed race people, are Black people exempted from their taxes being used to pay reparations, how about White people who came to this country long after slavery ended, etc.).

Instead, I am going to ask a simple question:


-Democrats were the prime movers of slavery (in 1854, the Republican Party was founded specifically to opppose slavery), and

-the post-slavery Republican-majority congress orchestrated passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments, and

-the post-slavery generations of segregation were prevalent in the solidly Democrat South,

-and the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed with a greater percentage of Republicans voting in favor than Democrats…

…would it be fair to conclude that the Democrat Party, in particular, owes reparations to Black people?  Or, at the very least, that Democrats owe a greater percentage of reparations than Republicans do?

And if not, why not?

Senator Harris?  Senator Warren?  I await your response.


  • Add to the above that the day before the civil war started not a single Republican owned a slave.

    If you have never watched a Dinesh D’Souza video you should, you will learn things about the history of this country that left wing education won’t even print let alone be taught.

  • Yes Democrats should deliver reparations! However instead of to perpetual freeloaders send a fair share to all Americans who respect our nation and constitution. Set aside a special fund to send Ms. Warren and Ms Harris to a deserted island permanently!

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