As you probably know, there was an apparent terror attack yesterday at Ohio State University.

abdul razak ali artan, a radicalized Muslim student at OSU who claimed to be 18 years old (one look at a picture of him will probably make you highly suspicious) plowed his car into a group of students, then came at them with a knife.  He put 11 into the hospital, one in critical condition, before Police Officer Alan Horujko arrived and ordered him to stop.  When artan ignored the warning and kept slashing away, Officer Hurojko shot and killed him.

Here, in her own words, is the reaction of Sheila Jackson Lee  (D-TX) to this incident:


Is Ms. Lee of the impression that artan was shooting people with his car and knife?  Or does she object to Officer Hurojko shooting artan before he injured/killed more people?

Maybe she thinks he should have left, gone to the store, bought a knife of his own, came back, and engaged in her idea of a fair fight…while carefully stepping over the bodies of additional victims artan would have created during his shopping trip.

Can Sheila Jackson Lee possibly be this ridiculous?  Evidently, the answer is yes.  And it is far from the only time she has demonstrated her capacity for ridiculous comments.

My congratulations to the people of her congressional district for electing her, 12 times.  You sure do know how to pick ’em.

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