On Sunday, the Senate essentially completed a huge legislative package to address the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.

Then, at the last moment, the Chuck Schumer-led Democrats sandbagged Democrats by making new demands not negotiated until that time and voting, as a bloc, to prevent its passage.

And then, nancy pelosi came out of hibernation – having done exactly nothing regarding this crisis until now except for telling President Trump that he got everything wrong – with a huge alternative package which included literally dozens of Democrat left-wing wish list items that had nothing to do with addressing the coronavirus.

Two days – two precious days in which thousands more have become infected and hundreds more have died – elapsed until, magically and mystically, pelosi’s BS bill and Schumer’s sandbag routine collapsed and the bill was virtually 100% agreed to early this morning.  Barring another sandbag strategy by Schumer & Co. it will be successfully voted on today.

The political story of this unbelievably disgraceful exercise in cynicism can be told in two paragraphs of Gregg Re’s article for Fox News:

In a letter to his colleagues, Schumer remarked, “Democrats are ready to give our unanimous consent to speed up the consideration of the bill and get the job done.“ That means that if there are no objections from Republicans, the Senate could clear the bill without a formal roll call vote. Parliamentarily, that is the fastest way to move something on the floor.

A senior GOP source told Fox News contributor and editor Guy Benson that the move was a face-saving exercise by Schumer, and that he was trying to “take credit” for a GOP bill that he filibustered for “small ball” alterations. Democrats, the source said, couldn’t drag the situation out much longer; economic conditions have worsened dramatically, and President Trump’s approval rating has risen.

John Hinderaker at seconds Mr. Re’s motion by noting that pelosi caved in and discarded her insane, 100% politically driven, left-wing wish list, then pointing out:

One can only imagine how bad the Democrats’ polling must have been to cause such a hasty retreat. The Democrats had no one behind them except their most extremist supporters, like the New York Times.

That sums pelosi’s disgusting, shameful action pretty nicely.

Now let’s see if this is the end of things, or whether Schumer and pelosi get another bright idea.


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