I have often blogged about how little in the way of accomplishments John Kerry has to show for his 30 year plus career in politics, very much including his short stint as Secretary of State. 

But Edward-Isaac Dovere, writing for has shown me the error of my ways.  Here, excerpted from his latest article, is a list that, admittedly, I had not considered:

Nameone high-profile issue that\’s going well right now for Secretary ofState John Kerry.

Russiantroops are still sitting on the Ukrainian border, and Russian-backedmilitants haven\’t backed off inside the country. Russian ForeignMinister Sergei Lavrov is still taking Kerry\’s calls, but notseeming to care much about what’s being said.

SyrianPresident Bashar Assad announced Monday he\’s running forre-election, unopposed, eight months after firing nerve gas overPresident Barack Obama\’s red line.

Kerry\’sattempted peace process reboot between the Israelis and Palestinianshas stalled out.

Andthen, “apartheid” – what the future could hold for Israelwithout a peace deal, he warned in a closed door meeting last week.

As you can see, I had it all wrong. Mr. Dovere has reminded me that negatives are accomplishments too. And Secretary Of State Kerry\’s negative accomplishments, in such a short period of time, are truly remarkable.

My apologies to you.

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