Seattle’s Mayor, Ed Murray, is resigning as of 5:00PM today.

The reason is that his cousin has accused him of sexual abuse.  This is the fifth accusation of sexual abuse against Murray (so far).

Ed Murray is a Democrat.  And he is openly gay.

Now:  what does this tell us about Democrats?  What does it tell us about gays?

The answer is very simple.  It tells us nothing about either group.

Are all Democrats sexual abusers because Ed Murray may be (he denies the charges)?  Of course not.

Are all Democrats gay because Ed Murray is gay?  Of course not.

Are all gay people sexual abusers?  Of course not.

Ed Murray is an INDIVIDUAL and his behavior is HIS ALONE.  Nobody else’s.

I’ve written this more times than I can count, but it bears repeating here:  the single straightest line to prejudice, intolerance and hatred is seeing people as components of groups, instead of as the individuals we all are.

How about let’s not do it.

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  • Does it say anything about the leftist-media that they refuse to mention his party affiliation when they bother to report on it at all?
    Of course it ??????

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