I have spent a better part of a week marveling at how badly President Trump’s three-week window for government to operate has been misread by some of his supporters.

I expected media, and Democrats, and the “entertainment” people who think the public gives a damn what their political opinions are, to call it a “cave-in” and do a gleeful victory dance.  Anything that can be sold as a defeat for Mr. Trump is like manna from heaven for them.  But I did not expect that so many of his supporters would buy into this ridiculous claim as well.

One person who sees things correctly is Sean Hannity.  So I thought I’d post the key part of his commentary from yesterday’s TV show:

“Do you really believe the president has stopped his full-on fight over the border wall that he has promised? Has he not shown he’s a tenacious fighter when it comes to keeping his promises? I’ve said this before, in my opinion, I don’t care where the money comes from. I don’t care how they get it as long as they build the wall to keep us safe,” he continued. “Don’t let what is what I believe a shift in strategy fool you, because I don’t have any doubt at all that the president is going to fight as hard, if not harder, for the money for the wall.

“He’s talking about safety and security, even life and death of the American people. He talks about stopping drugs and cartels and gangs, human and drug trafficking. What were Chuck and Nancy – what were they fighting for? They wouldn’t even talk to the president, wouldn’t sit down. They abandoned the process. Furloughed workers, DACA kids, dreamers, the very things they have said over and over and over so important to them that the president offered to them just to cater to the radical and extreme hate Trump base of theirs. The only question now on Democrats are they willing to make a deal or not? Are they going to let the left run that party.

Is President Trump going to stand firm, as Hannity predicts?  That I do not know for sure, and neither does he.

But what we both know is that this was not a cave-in.  Here’s why:

-If President Trump had said “OK, you win, we won’t do it”, that would have been a cave-in.

-But President Trump did not say that.  He said “I’ll give you three weeks to agree to a deal which includes a border wall.  If you don’t, I’ll either shut down the government again until you do, or I’ll declare a national emergency and get the money elsewhere”.

That is not a cave-in, it is an ultimatum.

Now let’s talk real: as a practical, and protectional, matter, when large numbers of TSA agents started calling in sick and airplanes started being grounded at airports, Trump had no choice but to open things up.  Because a) there was an increased risk of a catastrophe, which most people do not want*, and b) if a catastrophe did occur, media would forever blame him – not Pelosi and Schumer, but him.

But now, if the three-week effort to negotiate is fruitless, here are President Trump’s options:

He can shut down the government again, and make a credible, persuasive case that it is due to Pelosi’s and Schumer’s intransigence; their refusal to protect our borders by agreeing to a wall – the same wall Democrats supported until Trump took office.

Or he can declare a national emergency and attempt to expropriate the money necessary to build the wall.  Then Pelosi and Schumer’s choice will be either to back off, which means the wall is being built…

…or fight it in court, which means, again, they refuse to protect our borders by agreeing to the wall Democrats supported until Trump took office.

Either way, government remains open.

Nope, this is not a cave-in.  It is good policy and good politics.

But will it hold after the three weeks are up? No one knows.

See me then, and we’ll talk.  I promise.


* Sick as it may seem, I suspect there are some people in politics, media and the entertainment industry, who hate Trump so much that they’d be happy with a catastrophe occurring if he could be blamed for it.

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