Scott Jennings is a CNN contributor, and a Republican – a real one (unlike RINOs like Ana Cabrera).  He, I suppose is CNN’s way of trying to convince readers of its left-and-getting-lefter-by-the-day website that it presents both sides.

And, although CNN has little credibility in the “both sides” department, Mr. Jennings’ just-published commentary on why President Trump and Republicans in general are gaining in public approval is so loaded with facts and logic that I wish all their other people would read it and think about it.

Here is a taste:

New polling from CNN and other outlets indicates that President Donald Trump’s job approval has improved since mid-December, and that the Democrats’ advantage over Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections has shrunk.

The reasons are obvious — the Republicans cut taxes, the economy is good, and people largely approve of Trump’s moves to break the logjam with North Korea. Basically, people like peace and prosperity. Or, as philosopher and fictional minor league baseball pitcher “Nuke” LaLoosh once opined: “I love winning, man. … It’s like better than losing.”

So why are Democrats struggling to grow their generic ballot advantage? Because they continue to ignore three political realities: Most Americans aren’t as liberal as their outraged base voters (especially in urban areas); most voters want their taxes to go down instead of up; and most voters want the parties to work together when it makes sense. 

Mr Jennings offers specific examples of each point, all of which are, in my view, correct.  But the strongest, by far, is taxes.

A large majority of people are now getting more money in their paychecks because of the tax legislation passed in December.  Millions immediately got raises and/or bonuses because of it.  And every Democrat in congress voted against it – no exceptions.

More money in your pocket, and one party is exclusively responsible for it?  Politically, that’s like combining nitro and glycerin.

Plus, in case the stupidity of voting en masse against this wasn’t enough, the Schumer-led Democrats are now calling for its repeal and replacement. Their claim?  “Our replacement legislation will only nail the wealthy, not you middle class folks”.

Sounds great, doesn’t it…except, weren’t they the same people who told voters the original Republican legislation would only benefit the wealthy?  And aren’t a majority of non-wealthy people getting more money?

That puts Democrats’ credibility on the tax issue at approximately, oh, let me see……zero.

I don’t know how CNN website visitors are going to react to Mr. Jennings piece.  But I hope they read it, and at least have a chance to see what the other side is saying…and then check both their paychecks and their tax returns.  You never know.

Or, put in one alliterative sentence, Money Moves Mountains.

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  • “Our replacement legislation will only nail the wealthy, not you middle class folks”.

    They think everyone is as spiteful and jealous as they are.

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