Do you remember Lewis “Scooter” Libby?

Mr. Libby was Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff.  In 2005, after Independent Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald spent three years getting nowhere on “Plamegate” – an investigation into the so-called outing of Valerie Plame as a spy (a phony-baloney premise) that Fitzgerald knew the source of within months (Richard Armitage), Fitzgerald decided to show us there was a reason for his waste of time by going after Libby for an interview he gave to a New York Times Reporter.  It was idiotic, dishonest and unfairly damaging to Mr. Libby, whose sentence was eventually commuted by then-President Bush.  The BS aspect of the charges against him were so obvious that, he was readmitted to the bar (that never happened for Bill Clinton).

Well, now we have Independent Counsel Robert Mueller conducting an investigation of claims that Donald Trump colluded with Russia in last year’s election.  No one has produced a scintilla of hard evidence this ever happened – which makes the existence of a special prosecutor ludicrous (don’t you need a REASON to appoint one?)

So now, almost a half year into the investigation, and with nothing to show for it (since everything that happens in the Trump/Russia collusion fiasco has been leaked, the existence of hard evidence surely would have been too), Mueller, and his Democrat-stacked staff, apparently feel they have to do something, to justify their existence.

So Paul Manafort – who was fired by Trump less than a month after the Republican Convention and therefore had nothing to do with the campaign itself,  along with his associate, Rick Gates, has been picked as the fall guy.

If the leaks on Manafort are true (we don’t know for sure yet), the indictment is not based on anything relating to last year’s presidential campaign;  it is based on a series of wire transfers he made in 2012 and 2013 – years before the Trump candidacy.  In other words, it has exactly nothing to do with Trump/Russia collusion in the presidential election.

But, heavens to Scooter Libby, Mueller did get someone, didn’t he?

Please let me know when Robert Mueller decides to indict the Clinton campaign people responsible for purchasing a dossier, produced by a foreign national and filled with information supplied by Russian foreign nationals – let me repeat, RUSSIAN FOREIGN NATIONALS – for the express purpose of taking down Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy…

…in other words, exactly what this “independent counsel” investigation is supposed to be investigating.

Believe me, I’ll be a lot more impressed with that than an indictment of Paul Manafort.


  • Does Robert Mueller have in his possession a Dossier that PROVES Hillary Clinton COLLUDED with Martians ?

    PS: HOW did Mueller & Co. get a FISA Court to issue the Search Warrants for his middle of the night raids ?

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