Chuck Schumer is appalled.

I gather that based on Schumer’s reaction to President Trump’s letter, which lambasted him eight ways from Sunday:

“I’m just appalled.”

That’s pretty clear.

But it’s not everything Schumer said.  From Hank Berrien’s article at, I also note that Mr. Shumer said the following:

He also informed us of the following:

 “And so about two weeks ago, I called the president and said, ‘Why don’t you invoke the Defense Production Act?’ That’s an act on the books from the Truman administration and it says that the military can commandeer both manufacturing and distribution when there’s a national emergency or a war. The president said he’d do it and then three hours later he said no.”

“And now, he hasn’t done it, and we sort of have this patchwork, where governors and mayors, my governor, my mayor, they’re doing good jobs, but they’re going around looking for ventilators, looking for masks. It’s uncoordinated and it’s a patchwork.”

So this morning I sent the president a letter and said, “Why don’t you invoke the Defense Production Act and put in place a military person? Somebody who knows command and control, someone who knows logistics, someone who knows quarter-mastering, to not only commandeer factories and supply chains to make the stuff that we need, desperately need, but also to distribute it in the places that are most needed so not the 50 governors will be hunting and pecking.”

And then I spoke to the president late this afternoon and explained it and the result is this letter. And so I’m just appalled. I say to the president, “Just stop the pettiness. People are dying.” And so, President Trump, we need leadership, we need to get the job done. Stop the pettiness. Let’s get it done. Let’s roll up our sleeves. I sent the letter with the best of intentions, trying to improve a very bad situation.”

Our take on this, apparently, is supposed to be:  boy, what a jerk that Trump is.  All Schumer was trying to do was help.  After all he “sent the letter with the best of intentions, trying to improve a very bad situation” didn’t he?

Well, didn’t he?  That’s a good question.

Well, here’s the letter. Please read it, and then we’ll discuss those good intentions.

As Hank Berrien points out, the letter contains “good-intentioned” language such as:

“the tardiness and inadequacy of this Administration’s response to the crisis becomes more painfully evident,” “The existing federal leadership void has left America with an ugly spectacle,” and “our national response is far behind where it should be.”

In other words, “you’re a dumbass who doesn’t know what you’re doing, you’re shaming us in front of the world, and you’re causing untold amounts of suffering and death.  But I only mean that in the nicest way.  Good intentions, you know.”

In an earlier blog, I questioned the quality of President Trump’s letter to Schumer.  I still do.  But the BS you just read is making me understand more clearly why he wrote it.

FYI:  Trump did invoke the Defense Production Act yesterday.  His explanation for not doing it earlier, pulled from Maegan Vazquez’s article at, was:

Even after he signed an executive order activating the use of the act for coronavirus supplies, Trump had argued that businesses were voluntarily pitching in and didn’t need to be threatened by the invocation of the act.
“Frankly, they don’t need someone to walk over there with a hammer and say do it,” he said at the time.
But last weekTrump invoked the Defense Production Act to require General Motors to produce more ventilators.


In other words, he counted on business to repond properly without coercion.  And when that didn’t happen, he acted.

Did Mr. Trump handle this appropriately?  Your call.


  • For those of us who watched The Corona Virus Task Force Briefing yesterday we know what a moron Chuck is. Trump did what he asking for already, weeks ago as far as a military officer to coordinate the supplies.
    Let’s remember the things the federal government has been doing, supplying the states, is not the job of the federal government. These states all did assessments after the 9-11 attacks on preparedness for emergency’s including pandemics. They didn’t implement the recommendations and now they are crying for the feds to help them. Trump has gone above and beyond and instead of a thank you he is getting an f u.

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