In 1959, Perry Como had a big hit with the song “Catch A Falling Star”.  It’s first line was “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket”.  The song was nominated for a Grammy.

Now, 60 years later, we have the “impeachment inquiry” farce, which features so many falling stars – witnesses touted by Democrats and their media accomplices who turn out to be nothingburgers on legs – that Como would have needed a Hefty bag, not a pocket, to hold them all.

And here comes the next one.

Today, Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Vindman testifies.  And the hate-Trump media are glowing, because this is one of the people who actually heard President Trump’s discussion with Ukraine President Zelensky in real time, and said there was a quid pro quo uh, I mean bribery, the new, improved, focus group-tested description.  Now they’ve got him.


…before you get out the tar and feathers for Mr. Trump you might want to read this excerpt from Betsy McCaughey’s commentary in today’s New York Post – which reminds us of what Lt.-Col. Vindman has already said in previous testimony and, unless he changes his story (thus becoming useless as a witness), presumably will say again today:

Vindman claims that Trump ­“demanded” investigations from Zelensky in return for aid, according to page 316 of his earlier testimony. But that’s his opinion, not fact. GOP questioners pointed out that Trump had used gentle language, asking Zelensky for “a favor” and saying “whatever you can do” and “if that’s possible,” words that don’t suggest a demand. Vindman conceded it was his personal interpretation. “I think people want to hear, you know, what they have as already preconceived notions,” he said, according to page 256 of his earlier testimony.

Where did Vindman get his preconceived notion? He points to media stories accusing Trump and Rudy Giuliani of seeking investigations to damage Joe Biden. Vindman confessed he never met or communicated with Trump or Giuliani and didn’t know what Trump was thinking, according to transcript pages 36 and 177.


As you can see by his own previous testimony, what we have in Alexander Vindman is another nothingburger on legs.  He has absolutely no hard facts of any kind, only his personal opinion – which, with, with $2.75, will get you a one-way ride on a New York City subway train.

I keep thinking that there will come a time when this schiff-run clown show will be so ridiculous that even the media which hate Trump and want him gone will have to admit as much.  But, so far, that time has not yet come.

Maybe Vindman’s “testimony” will push a couple over the edge.  But I doubt it.

Somewhere in the ether, the spirit of Perry Como is opening his Hefty bag….

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