huckabee sanders vs. Cuomo

Following is a segment of a contentious interview between CNN’s Chris Cuomo and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, on immigration, the economy and the Democrats’ message for 2018 – with an emphasis on comments made by senate minority leader Chuck Schumer:

CUOMO: Just interviewed Chuck Schumer. It will be on after you. He says that the president is a terrible dealmaker and one of his examples is, look at the economy right now. You have more jobs than you do have people. And yet the president said in the immigration negotiation, he wanted to cut legal immigration in half. 

Why would you cut legal immigration if you need more workers? 

SANDERS: Chuck Schumer is probably the only person in America that could find something wrong with a booming economy that’s going on in this country right now. 

CUOMO: But that’s a good point about why you’re cutting the workforce. 

SANDERS: Schumer’s been on so many different sides of the issue. He was against the Iran deal until the president became the president and got rid of it. 

CUOMO: But what about this one? 

SANDERS: I missed the last part of — 

CUOMO: Well, I’ll say it again. The idea that you want to cut legal immigration in half when you need more workers. Why would you do that?

SANDERS: Nobody here is against legal immigration. The president wants a system that works. He’s tired of kicking the can down the road. We want to close loopholes and want to secure the border. There’s nothing wrong with that. Those are good things. 

CUOMO: But cutting it in half means you’ll starve yourself of workers. 

SANDERS: Chuck Schumer should quit playing political games and do what his job. He has done nothing. 

Look, the Democrats no longer have a message. That’s why they continue to drop in numbers and the president continues to go up, because he’s actually doing things to help the American people and he’s solving problems. 

Democrats are going to have to decide, at some point, and they should decide it soon, do they hate this president more than they love this country? Because right now, all they do is attack the president. They offered nothing, they have no solutions, and they have no message. 

And there’s a reason that they’re not going to do well in November and that’s it. 

CUOMO: They say they attack the country because they love the country, but again, that’s what elections are for.

SANDERS: I can’t imagine why attacking a president who has strengthened our economy, built better foreign relations, put national security back on the forefront, and made America respected again, made us feared again by — and friends of our allies, I just — I find it laughable that Chuck Schumer would find things wrong with the direction of the country is going right now. 

Who is right here?  And on what part of the segment?

Did Ms. Sanders duck a salient point about the Trump immigration policy? Did she make a salient point regarding her claim that Democrats have no salable message to the American people?  Maybe both?

You decide.

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