After roughly (and I do mean roughly) two years as President Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving.

For two years Ms. Sanders has dealt with media determined to take down her boss – to the extent that, according to both the nonpartisan Pew Research Center and the more partisan Media Research Center, over 90% of the Trump administration was negative.

In the course of their ongoing assault on everything Trump they have treated Ms. Sanders with various degrees of disdain…to the point where, at some point, she (presumably with Mr. Trump’s blessing) just gave up on providing daily press briefings.  This was accompanied by instances where, no doubt encouraged by media, big brave left wing “social justice warriors” accosted Sanders in public places – including a restaurant where she was having a meal with her children.

I don’t know who the next press secretary will be.  But it is more than likely that he/she will be in for exactly the same treatment.  Maybe even worse.

As for Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ future?  There is talk that she might make a run for Governor of Arkansas, a position her father, Mike Huckabee, once held.

After what our wonderful “neutral” media have doled out during Sanders’ present job, I doubt a political campaign, even a bruising one, will be any problem for her.

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  • Thank you to Sarah Huckabee Sanders for being a REAL American female press secretary and defending our nation and a REAL American President. I don’t think any ‘talking head’ could endure the balderdash, lies and nonsense (to be kind) that they dump on everyone they cannot agree with. Could the ‘talking heads’ even consider emulating someone with integrity and conviction for the REAL American Nation??

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