It took a long time.  But it looks like Republicans are finally learning how to play political hardball.

From Jason Hopkins’ article at

Democratic lawmakers Thursday successfully blocked a GOP resolution condemning Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s laudatory comments about the Castro regime.

By a vote of 224-189 that fell along party lines, the House of Representatives on Thursday voted to block a resolution that not only condemned numerous human rights abuses that took place under the Castro regime, but also condemned recent instances where Sanders refused to fully denounce the late Fidel Castro’s dictatorial rule over Cuba.

Brilliant.   A classic heads we win tails you lose situation.

If Democrats voted for the resolution, they were specifically condemning the leading candidate for their party’s presidential nomination. If Democrats voted against the resolution, they were condoning Fidel Castro’s Cuba.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that, no matter who the eventual Democrat candidate is, the “against” vote described above will be front and center during this fall’s presidential campaign.

Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that this newfound strategic capability is related to Donald Trump’s influence on the Republican party?

Regardless of its source. however, you can chalk this up as one big plus for Republican hardball politics.

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