You cannot make this stuff up.

Did you know that the day after alleged “comedian” samantha bee made her pigsty-quality comment that Ivanka Trump was a “feckless cunt”, then suggested that she should incestuously seduce her father, President Trump into changing immigration policy…

-she was honored with an award by the the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and ?

-she took the opportunity, when accepting her award, to whine that she was being mistreated regarding the comments she made?

Unbelievable?  Yeah, it is.  But that’s what happened.

Here are the particulars, from David Martosko’s article for London’s Daily Mail:

Hours after the White House pummeled comedienne Samantha Bee for calling Ivanka Trump a ‘feckless c***’ on national television Wednesday night, the ”Full Frontal’ host complained at an awards dinner that she shouldn’t have been criticized at all.

‘We spent the day wrestling with the repercussions of one bad word,’ Bee groused as the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences gave her an award at the NeueHouse Hollywood for ‘programming that advanced social change.’ Reporters were banned from covering the event in person, but obtained a transcript of her brief remarks.

She said that instead of venting their outrage at her insult of the president’s daughter, ‘we all should have spent the day incensed that as a nation we are wrenching children from their parents.’


Poor baby…..

How tough it is to be criticized for language that would put any political conservative in the country under media lock and key forever.

And how hard it must be bearing up to no cost whatsoever to your career.  No cancellation.  No suspension.  Just a big, fat award for excellence the very next day, that was neither rescinded nor postponed.

Well, I certainly understand your pain.  After all, isn’t that just like the way Roseanne Barr was trea…….uh, never mind.

samantha bee may be a laugh riot to the kind of people who find that kind of “humor” funny…as long as it is barfed out by someone on the left about someone who isn’t.  But I will never be one of them – regardless of who the target is or where that person falls in the political spectrum.

I never watched samantha bee’s show before she “graced” us with her sick filth about Ivanka Trump.  Be assured that she has not caused me reconsider.

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  • As seen on Drudge. As easy as 1 2 3.


    2. Made Coulter, Ingraham ‘Rape Joke’…


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