Ryan Gosling is an extremely talented actor…and, it turns out, an extremely big schmuck as well.

From Justin Caruso’s article at breitbart.com:

A new movie starring Canadian actor Ryan Gosling tells of the story of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon–but omits the American flag.

The Telegraph reports that the flag is not shown in the new movie First Man, with star Ryan Gosling saying that the American moon landing “transcended countries and borders,” and that instead of being an American achievement, it was a “human achievement.”

The Canadian actor also acknowledged his own “cognitive bias” due to his nationality.

Brilliant, Ryan – and, of course, director Damian Chazelle as well.  You have taught us that an achievement of United States initiative and technology – which has never been duplicated by any other country – doesn’t count because it was not an American achievement, it was a “human achievement”.

Uh…using that logic, Canada is guilty of naziism.  Isn’t naziism a “human achievement” too, no more or less than walking on the moon?

And, while we’re on the subject, isn’t Ryan Gosling is guilty of 9/11?  He’s no more or less human than osama bin laden and his henchmen, right?

And the Toronto Blue Jays didn’t win the World Series in 1992 and 1993 either, because winning ball games is not a team achievement, it’s a “human” one.

And why are there Olympics Games. with all those different countries represented?  Heck, everyone who wins (and loses, and doesn’t even play) does so for humanity.  So we can forgo gold, bronze and silver;  we’ll just give out 8 billion “Achievement Medals”.

Come to think of it, why does Ryan Gosling even think of himself as Canadian?  Isn’t he “Humanian”, just like everyone else in the world.

Gee, I guess Gosling and Chazelle forgot that when he pretends the moon landing was a “human achievement”, the same logic applies to every other achievement, positive or negative, from every other source.


Let me end with this video, showing them, and you, what these two are pretending not to have happened:


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