According to Tucker Higgins’ article at, Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell in her office last night, and was admitted to the hospital with three fractured ribs. There is no mention of whether there were other injuries as well.

Health-wise, Justice Gisburg is 85 years of age, has already fought several battles with cancer, and has a stent inserted in her right coronary artery.

While it is certainly possible that Justice Ginsburg will recover and serve for years more on the court – which is what she has made clear she intends to do – it is also possible that this event, or its ramifications, will make it impossible to do so.

With the above in mind, let me remind you that, although Democrats took back the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Republicans not only held their majority in the Senate but increased it.  Additionally, President Trump no longer has to deal with three Republican senatorial thorns in his side: McCain, Flake, and Corker.

Why do I mention this in a blog about Justice Ginsburg? Because, if she is replaced, it is the Senate rather than the House that does the replacing.

And with this newly constructed Senate lineup, a conservative replacement for the decidedly leftward Justice Ginsburg РJudge Amy Coney Barrett comes to mind Рwill be far easier to accomplish than it would have been  just months ago.

Democrats and the left, increasingly one and the same, better hope that those three fractured ribs are the beginning and the end of Ms Ginsberg’s problems.

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  • Maybe Trump will use an appointment as leverage to bargain with the D controlled House to get some things he wants.

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