From an unbylined article in the Associated Press:

 The Supreme Court says Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been released from a Baltimore hospital where she had been treated for a possible infection.

The 86-year-old Ginsburg has returned to her home in Washington, D.C., and is “doing well,” court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said Sunday.

Ginsburg spent two nights at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. She was taken there Friday after experiencing chills and fever.

How many times has Justice Ginsburg been hospitalized this year, for a variety of issues, including the several different bouts of cancer she has been fighting?

How much longer can she hold on?   I don’t necessarily mean how much longer she can live, but how much longer she can claim to be functional in the high-tension, high-performance world of the United States Supreme Court?

I can’t prove it, but I’m suspecting that her intention is to stay at least through the end of the year…so that when she leaves next year, the argument can be made that a lame duck President should not pick her successor (the same argument that was made when President Obama, during his last year as President, nominated Merrick Garland to succeed the deceased Antonin Scalia).  That would be very hard, and very hypocritical, for Republicans to dispute.

Simply put, I see this as a race against time.  And, not to be morbid, I wonder what situation will cross the finish line first.



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