Ken Berwitz

Quick:  name the go-to country for international affairs.

In my lifetime, it has always been the USA. But now?  

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that “Iraq joined Russia, Iran and Syria in a new agreement tostrengthen cooperation against extremist group Islamic State, extending theKremlin\’s reach in the Middle East as it rivals Washington for influence.”

Rivals Washington?  Rivals us?  Does the Wall Street Journal think this is even a competition anymore?

Those are four strategically important countries which, to varying degrees for varying reasons, hate our guts.  Four countries that the Obama administration has failed miserably in.  And now they have formed an alliance, with us on the outside looking in.

vladimir putin – not for the first time and, I would bet, not for the last – has outfoxed, outclassed and outpoliticked Barack Obama eight ways from Sunday.  He has again made Mr. Obama look exactly like the unqualified, incompetent, inept President he is.  A president that capable, experienced, accomplished world leaders, and even terrorist clowns like the ones in Iran, can run rings around.

Thank you, President Obama, for putting us firmly in second place…if we are even that high anymore.

But, to be fair, Mr. Obama does have his successes.  With him in the Oval Office, millions of illegals are being treated as though it were OK to jump our border, and Cuba is now an acceptable travel destination…with, it is an excellent guess, full trading privileges soon to come.  What proud triumphs for the Obama administration!

Today\’s United States of America is is not the country I grew up in.  How I miss that country.

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