I don’t plagiarize, and I’m not going to start now.  But I have to say that I could have written Paul Mirengoff’s commentary on Rod Rosenstein’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committe this morning word for word.

Let me show you the key paragraphs (but there’s a lot more, which I urge you to use this link and read – every word of it):

Rosenstein is a snake. He recommended that James Comey be fired (albeit for a different reason than the one Trump mentioned in an interview about Comey’s termination) and then made the firing of Comey the grounds for bringing in a special counsel.

Moreover, he selected Robert Mueller for the job even though President Trump had just rejected Mueller for the position of FBI director. Mueller was thus a disappointed office seeker.

Rosenstein gave Mueller a ridiculously broad writ to investigate, and stood by as Mueller hired one Trump-hating Democrat after another to staff his project. And Rosenstein declined to recuse himself even though he was a player in the firing of Comey — an important element of what he asked Mueller to investigate.

Rosenstein was snake-like again this morning. Most of the questions directed at him by Republicans had to do with his rubber stamping of applications to spy on Carter Page — applications that contained lies the Democrats had paid to procure and that were based on Russian disinformation.

Thank you, Mr. Mirengoff.  I could not have said it better…but I would have given it a shot if you hadn’t nailed it so well already.

Rosenstein is a classic deep-state operative – exactly what Trump is trying, with only sporadic success, to break up.

I wonder how much more he can get done before his time (either 7 months or 55 of them) is up.

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