We’ve talked about this in here, haven’t we; the fact that,  politically,  it is in Trump haters’ interests for our economy to take a nose dive between now and next year’s election.

Well, John Crudele’s latest column in the New York Post delves into this likelihood very convincingly.

A few excerpts:

Are the Trump haters trying to cause a recession in the US so the president won’t be re-elected?

I’m not saying they are just hoping for a recession. It’s obvious the haters would like that.

But are they trying to cause a recession?

But the quickest way to cause a recession is to kill the confidence of consumers. Without the consumer being willing to spend, the economy will crap out.

That’s where all the talk of a recession comes in. If the Trump haters in and outside the media can convince consumers that the next recession is right around the corner, the next recession just might be right around the corner.

And with any luck, the recession will happen just in time to be on voters’ minds when they decide whether to keep President Trump in office or kick him to the cul-de-sac.

 Crudele goes on to speculate about whether, if the recession does happen, Trump will be blamed for it.

Personally, I have no doubt whatsoever that media will make good and sure he is, regardless of the circumstances.

For months we have been battered by media accounts of an economic downturn/ an alarming lean towards a recession they tend to portray as inevitable.

Whether this is just good reporting, an attempt to encourage one, or a mix of both, you can be sure that if it occurs, Mr. Trump will take the full hit for it.

Stay tuned.

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