How low can some people go in their hatred of President Trump?

Not much lower than than former Canadian Prime Minister kim campbell, who tweeted this about Hurricane Dorian as it approaches Florida:

Kim Campbell


I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar a Lago!

Campbell, who was briefly Prime Minister in 1993, is now a senior aide to current PM Justin Trudeau and handles, if you can believe it, Supreme Court appointments.

Tell us, kim:  will you put up a joyous tweet if it actually happens?  Sneer out a horse laugh about the people who lose their lives?  Their jobs?  Are you rooting for Trump to be there at the time?  Would you celebrate if he died in the hurricane too?

It takes an especially malodorous sack of pig manure to put up a tweet like that.

If Justin Trudeau has any class at all, today will be kim campbell’s last on the job.

If he doesn’t can her ass, with prejudice, I will take it as acceptance of/agreement with her rooting interest.


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