So far they haven’t called it off.

So far Rep Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) who chairs the House Judiciary Committee and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) who chairs the House Intelligence Committee still have Robert Mueller’s testimony scheduled for next Wednesday,  July 17.

Of all the injudicious, unintelligent moves these two could make, this wins the grand prize.

Here is how Mary Clare Jalonick and Lisa Mascaro’s article for the Associated Press begins:

Some are watching old video of his previous testimony. Others are closely re-reading his 448-page report. And almost all are worrying about how they’ll make the most of the short time they’ll have for questioning.

Robert Mueller, the Democrats know, will be tough to crack.

The stern, reticent former FBI director has said he won’t answer questions beyond what is in the report on Russia’s election meddling and the Trump campaign and possible obstruction of justice when he comes to Congress on July 17.

Is that all they think this is?  Robert Mueller being grilled on the contents of his report and either refusing to say more than what it contains, or embellishing it with his personal opinions (which have absolutely no legal standing)?

Are they out of their minds?

Republicans, if they are smart (admittedly a big if) will not be asking him about what is in the report.

They will be asking him questions like:

-When did he find out that the basis for his “investigation”, the “Steele dossier” was unverified?

-When he found out, why he didn’t shut it down right then and there?

-Why did he stack his staff exclusively with Democrats – including several people who specifically donated to Hillary Clinton?

-Why didn’t he spend even second investigating the Clinton campaign’s collusion with foreign nationals – such as Steele, a British national, and the Russian sources he relied on for virtually all the dossier’s contents?

-And a raft of additional questions involving james comey, john brennan, james clapper, andrew mccabe, peter strzok, lisa page and Bruce Ohr, among others.

For those questions, Mueller will not be able to hide behind “the report speaks for itself”.

And if he refuses to answer, or Nadler and Schiff try to deny Republicans the right to ask these questions (both very real possibilities), there will be an excrement-hemorrhage, even in mainstream media, that will not soon be forgotten…

… complete with howls of “Democrat coverup”, and “We had a two year collusion investigation that turned up nothing, but they’re too scared to have a one day investigation of the very real collusion going on on their side”.

I remain astonished that Nadler and Schiff can’t see this;  that they are so obtuse, or so arrogant in their assumption that they can stop Republicans from questioning Mueller, that they will let this testimony go forward.

But if I were a Republican? I would co-opt a lyric line from the great musical, Fiddler On The Roof, and sing “Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles” from today until next Wednesday.

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