Robert de niro’s trump rally

robert de niro has a pathological hatred for  President Donald Trump.  And I doubt Mr. Trump could benefit more from it.

At last night’s 2018 Tony awards, de niro came onstage, and told the audience – including TV viewers – “Fuck Trump”.  Two times.  The audience, consisting primarily of entertainment people, responded with a standing ovation.

How do you suppose this plays outside of that glitz-laden group?

How do you think people, say, in the Midwest feel about it?

People who still value basic civility?

People who respect the office of President, regardless of who is elected to it?

People who do not want – and even resent – celebrities spewing their political views on national television?

I doubt that robert de niro could have done more for Donald Trump and this year’s Republican candidates if he had stood there and expressed his undying support for them all.   Especially when Republicans remind voters that this disgusting commentary is just the latest of many de niro (and so many of his pals) have supplied, also to rousing approval by the entertainment community.

Way to go robert.  You “showed” ’em all right.

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  • First of all, I hope that you are having a fantastic trip.
    now, I must comment on what this has-been actor said. he is over the hill and a has been. He will never be half the actor that Pacino is so he looks for shock and awe to keep his fat ass relevant. I am only ONE person, but I will NEVER see any movie he ever makes again, not that he turned out anything during the past ten years.
    he claims that he does not like it when Trump says a profanity but this fat hypocrite thinks he can do it. Trump is trying to do what is right for American by making us safe, creating Jobs, on an on. What does De Niro do for American. Not a thing- he reads a script- he acts.
    All I can say to De Niro- is FUCK YOU & THE WHITE HORSE THAT YOU RODE IN ON. you are an embarrassment to yourself.

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