With the death of Senator John McCain, Arizona’s Governor, Doug Ducey (R) will now name his successor to complete Mr. McCain’s term (which continues for two more years).

Governor Ducey must, by Arizona law, name a member of McCain’s party to succeed him – not that it matters, since they both are Republicans, so it almost certainly would have happened anyway.

There has been talk that Ducey would replace McCain with himself…but he says he will not.

There has been talk that Ducey will replace McCain with his wife, Cindy McCain.  I very much hope he does not.  This is a seat in the United States Senate; not some royal title, handed down by familial position.

Importantly, the person Ducey selects, and the timing of his selection, may be the decisive factor in whether Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court.  With that seat, Republicans have a paper-thin 51-49 senate majority, thus if Democrats hold together (which may not happen, but could), just two defections would sink Kavanaugh.

John McCain, were he alive and in the chamber, made it clear he would have voted in favor of Kavanaugh.  Does that mean Governor Ducey will be sure to appoint someone who would vote that way?  Or is he anti-Kavanaugh, which might result in the selection of a similarly disposed replacement?

Assuming Governor Ducey intends to quickly replace John McCain (as he should, so the state will have full representation), the answer to those questions shouldn’t take long.

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