Please consider this date:  December 31, 1973.

Why?  Because that was the last day a Republican was Mayor of Minneapolis.  And he was only Mayor for one day.  The last elected Republican Mayor left office on July 2and, 1961.  That ‘a 59 years ago.

So when you hear “protesters” rail about the systemic racism in the Minneapolis police department, therefore, remember that it has been sustained by well over a half century of Democrat governance.

But how about some of the other cities with major “protests”/riots/anarchy on the streets, where you hear the screaming about systemic police racism?

For New York, the last “Republican” Mayor (he was never actually a Republican, he ran Republican because that’s how he could get a major party nomination) was Michael Bloomberg.  He formally left the Republican Party for his last term and won as an independent (he’s now back in the Democrat Party, where he always belonged).

So it has been 10 years (four under Bloomberg, 6 under Bill de Blasio) since a Republican was mayor of New York City.

Is it fair to say that Democrats are responsible for the police department as it currently functions?  Obviously the answer is yes.

Now let’s look at a list of the other major “protest/riot” cities:

-For Los Angeles, the last Republican mayor left office in 2001.  That’s 19 years of Democrat governance.

-For Portland, Oregon it was 1980 – 40 years.

-For Seattle, it was 1969 – 51 years.

-For Detroit, it was 1962 – 58 years.

-For Philadelphia, it was 1952 – 68 years.

-For Saint Louis it was 1949 – 71 years.

-For Chicago, it was 1931 – 89 years.

-For Atlanta, it was (so help me) 1879 – 141 years.

Any idea of why there is virtually no mention of this in our”neutral” media?  No mention that the police forces of every one of these cities is the product of Democrat governance?

Why do you suppose?

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