Keep your eye on Wisconsin.  Because it is there that a legal ruling has just been made to update voting rolls, which just might be a model for other such efforts currently in the works.

From Ivan Moreno and Scott Bauer’s Associated Press article, via the Detroit News.  Please pay special attention to the last paragraph, which I’ve put in bold print:

Port Washington, Wis. – A Wisconsin judge on Monday ordered the state’s elections commission to immediately begin removing up to 209,000 names from the state’s voter rolls or face hundreds of dollars in fines for each day they don’t do so.

Judge Paul Malloy said in his ruling that “time is of the essence in this case” and cannot wait for an Appeals Court or the state Supreme Court to decide the case. He also appeared peeved that commissioners hadn’t already begun purging voters.

“I cannot be clearer on this. They need to follow the order,” Malloy said.

The case is being closely watched, as Wisconsin is battleground state that President Donald Trump won by fewer than 23,000 votes in 2016. Democrats are fighting the lawsuit, saying the purge would unfairly affect their voters. Republicans say they merely want to ensure that people who have moved are not able to vote from their old addresses.

The commission wanted to wait until after the November 2020 presidential election before it removed anyone because of inaccuracies with a previous round of data identifying voters who had potentially moved. Even if a voter has their registration deactivated, they can register again later or on Election Day when they show up at the polls, assuming they have the required documentation.

What’s that maxim about corruption?  “Follow the money”?  Well, in election fraud, it’s “Follow the Party”.

It is Democrats, not Republicans, who fight every attempt to update voter rolls.  Just as it is Democrats, not Republicans, who fight every Voter ID law.

The arguments always seems to be the same.  Any attempt to fix any voting issue is racist/it suppresses the Black and Latino vote.  And, besides, since there is virtually no voter fraud anywhere, there is no need to fix anything.

Do you believe expecting people to show they are who they say they are before voting suppresses any legal voter of any color or ancestry?  If so, explain how.

Do you believe there is virtually no voter fraud anywhere?  To do so, you’ll have to ignore an awful lot of people convicted of voter fraud.

Now, what about another vastly-Democrat initiative:  giving illegals driver’s licenses – in states where a driver’s license is used to gain voting rights (think California, among others).  Do you think that might contribute to voter fraud?

See a pattern here?

Now:  why do you suppose Democrats are doing this?  Because they are zealously committed to fraud-free elections in which only legal voters participate?

Please think about it.   And then join me in watching what happens in Wisconsin….while understanding that it might be a blueprint for what happens in other states as well.

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  • Voter ID laws are anti-necrophiliac.

    Such laws prevent dead people from voting.

    Voting records are public documents. It is quite easy to see who Has not voted over the past several years, and then show up At the polls and cast a ballot in their name.

    IIRC the US is the only major county that doesn’t require voter ID

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